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think-man said:
Another launcher xD it's getting out of hand now.


Does the PC Master Race have a Chuck Norris list?  They need to add to it is that members of the PC Master Race cannot have to many launcher and the like launchers so much, they put launchers in launchers so their launchers can launch launchers.  They love launchers so much, that their Windows interface has a launcher in the lower left hand corner. They order lunch with launchers. The measure of Master Raceness is how many launchers do they have.

The Master Race do not start anything, but launches all things.

The Master Race hacks their games and replaces the word start with launch. Where the word launch appears in the game, they put launch the before it.

They launch their cars and the cooking of their food. They replace the on button on their PCs with launch buttons.

Console owner peons do not launch anything, which is why they are inferior. In fact. They are so scared of launchers that is why they are not fans of Kerbil.