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Lafiel said:
colafitte said:

Sony really hit the jackpot with the PS4....

not to mention, that this gen was probably the most valuable gen to win

going forwards ppl will have pretty giant digital libraries that they will expect to migrate to the next consoles, like they do on their smartphones, so the percentage of ppl going into a different eco system should drop quite a bit

Probably true.

What is surprising about this is that in the US PS4 success is not as impressive or dominating as in the rest of the world. In US Microsoft with XBO is going to end around 27-28M sold (even more than what PS3 achieved in US last gen). That means that the ratio between the two is around 57:43 or 58:42. In UK it must be similar too. Microsoft is in a delicate position starting next gen if they don't start as strong as XBO did. The console is ending badly in both markets and i wonder if the loyal Xbox consumer that helped keeping the sales very close to PS4 this gen will disappear for next gen or just switch sides to PS5. Even the next gen of consumers that never grew up playing with a X360 won't have the nostalgia effect either so they will go to the most popular thing at the moment. If the ratio in those countries grows closer to 70-30 next gen or bigger...., PS5 can reach a next level of financial success  and Xbox will find themselves in a very critical situation...