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HollyGamer said:
Vodacixi said:

Here we go again...

It's overrated for you. For people who expect to experience the full FF VII story in one game, it definetly isn't. They will have to buy God knows how many different games. Each entry is gonna be a full game, we get that. And that's great for people like you who only care about how much time they can invest into this episodic experience. But for many other people, wondering how many games they will have to buy and how many years they'll have to wait for each one to launch... for a remake of a game that launched as a single title is definetly a major concern.

The purpose of remake is to bring all the content that previously unavailable because of hardware limitation and budget constraint, not include to add several others perspective from Crisis core, and dirge of cerberus and all minigames inside FF7 universe, and also the new perspective of open world and much bigger area. 

For an example just look how big Resident Evil 2 remake is even it's still linear level and stage, FF7 remake will transform from 2d still image perspective of FF7 classic to 3d open area and world, imagine how many content they need to put to bring the world full of mission and others thing to do. 

I don't care about the purpose of this particular remake (although I think that those reasons are basically made up by you or the developers). All I know is that Final Fantasy VII was a single game in 1997... and the remake is going to be an unknown number of games that will release at an unknown date on unknown platforms. Also, I shall remember that this remake was announced in 2015 and the first "episode", "part" or "entry" is gonna launch on 2020. So, uncertainty is definetly there.

If none of that is concerning for some of you, great for you guys. But you'll have to admit that it CAN be a concearn for many other people. Can we agree with that at least?