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trunkswd said:

Global hardware estimates (Followed by lifetime sales):

  1. Switch - 257,915 (37,200,939)
  2. PlayStation 4 - 181,363 (99,328,350)
  3. Xbox One - 44,185 (43,189,390)
  4. 3DS - 13,410 (74,773,065)
  5. PS Vita - 48 (16,131,372)

How many retailers do we get actual data from in NA/EU? Because it just seems odd to me that Japan would get a 200% increase in weekly sales while NA/EU get virtually no boost from the new Switch model.

NA/EU/JP sales

June 8-69k/54k/35k

June 15-67k/56k/35k

June 22-75k/60k/30k

June 29-98k/84k/60k (Mario Maker)

July 6-80k/74k/76k

July 13-77k/72k/56k

July 20-78k/58k/47k (new sku reveal)

July 27-73k/51k/44k

Aug 3-72k/50k/37k (new sku in NA)

Aug 10-66k/47k/44k

Aug 17-70k/48k/45k (new sku in EU)

Aug 24-75k/49k/31k

Aug 31-82k/56k/91k (new sku in JP)

We see a pretty steady baseline of ~70-80k in NA, ~50-60k in EU & ~35-45k in JP with the exception of the Mario Maker boost. Then we get to the new sku release and NA/EU have no noticeable change while JP sees massive growth.

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