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Mnementh said:

Dreamcast could nearly have been my entrance into console gaming. A friend had a Dreamcast and it was great. We played Dead or Alive and it was a blast. He had also some RPGs, which name I don't remember, Soul Calibur, RE Veronica and other stuff. This certainly looked great. I really considered getting one myself. And then Sega dropped the hardware business. So I thought, well then not. I didn't get near another console until the Wii. I think sometimes what would have been in my gaming habits, if I had bite with the Dreamcast back then. I doubt I would've regret it, because the DC was short lived, but it had great games.

Yeah the constant doomsday rumors about Sega those days also kept alot of people from diving into the system. The rumors did turn out to be true, however I don't regret my purchase (I agree you wouldn't have either), I was playing next gen games a year before anyone was on a PS2 and I remember owning a PS2 and having to way almost a year before the system got a decent library. DC had some of the better games in that 2 year span (99-00)