Majin-Tenshinhan said:
method114 said:

I've only played 0 and 1. I would not listen to him and I would play 0 first and then 1. Playing it in reverse order would have ruined 0 for me. Play 0 first and then 1. 0 is only $20 and I can tell you right now it felt like I was ripping Sega off.

I'm all for welcoming opposing opinions but when you've only played 2 out of 7 games and say "don't listen to him" regarding which order to paly them in it's kind of hard to take you seriously.

That's fine but there is a key reason I would play 0 before 1 and 2-7 couldn't possibly change that. 

IMO 0 sets up the relationship between you and Nishiki and makes 1 so much better because of it. Trying to imagine playing 1 without knowing the real bond you have with Nishki just doesn't make 1 nearly as good as it was playing it after 0. Sega just did a magnificent job at setting up 1 with 0. I couldn't stop rushing through the story in 1 because I wanted to know what happened to my boy Nishki. It wouldn't have meant as much to me without 0.

Now if you have reasons for why the original way is better I'm willing to listen to them. Also almost everyone recommend playing 0 first. From gaming websites to reddit. It's the most common choice. They even did a poll and 0 won with 60% of the votes. Also when you say it's the intended order did you read something straight from dev or are just assuming that's the case because of the order they were released?