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Ignore the haters. Crackdown 3 and Dead Rising 4 this is not.

Gears 5 is the type of exclusive Microsoft has been desperately in need of for some time now. The campaign has gone above and beyond any of the Gears titles I've played, and is far better than the Coalition's last two efforts.

I think the lack of Gears threads here can be chalked up to the majority of the sites members being Nintendo, Playstation and PC gamers, and the fact that there are a couple of members who generally hate all things Xbox, quality not withstanding.

If you own an Xbox, I highly recommend this title.

And thus far, I have not encountered any BS loot box shenanigans, or even extreme microtransaction crap like one would expect from Moneysoft. It's like they really wanted this one to succeed.

Last edited by StriderKiwi - on 10 September 2019