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Ganoncrotch said:
Beautiful screenshots @CGI love the amount of detail on the dirt on the wall, genuinely makes it look like a real war torn area, very little of that room is "video game looking" as in the alignment of the bed, dresser and carpet are all more realistically messed around than just arranged in a static way which items are presented in a game, simply down to the fact that a lot of game creation tools and creators will opt for the easy way to align certain items into a room knowing that certain angles will not present clipping issues with items over each other, but it looks like that ruined kids room alone got the attention that it didn't deserve as a tiny room... but it makes it look so real. That aspect of things looking dirty and gritty is one of the best things of the gears series, I genuinely think nothing ever felt as real as seeing Dom's wife in her beautiful dress coming out of her chamber in Gears 2, really looking forwards to getting my hands on this as soon as I have hours enough to enjoy it.

Wow.... I know I'm gushing over that room btw, but look at the bed even, it's a kids room yeah? the blanket in the bed has been placed the wrong way around as in the design of it is not correct to that of the bed, but it's a kids bed and blanket so it would be perfectly fine to cover the length of a small kids body, just in the placement of the art around the walls and the incorrectly layed blanket they tell you a story about who owns that room and who has made that hell into their home with their own art on the walls and teddy on the bed.

You can tell that the kid made the Hell into their home and not the other way around btw if you see the painting of the girl holding the monsters hands, the white paint covers over the dirt marks on the wall, meaning that was painted on there after the room was destroyed already.

Like I said amazing attention to detail for a room where other games would just CTRL C and CTRL [ruined room 4] and insert the kid posters on the wall of it.

Pillow visible next to bed also and slightly underneath it, suggesting times spent sleeping hiding under there aided by the blanket being the other way around so as to shield the sides of the bed from view.

I'd call Jim Sterlings 2/10 horse shit based on the effort gone into 1 room lol, a 2/10 game is something which doesn't work, a free flash game on your phone which installs a virus after 5 levels....

Sorry again for gushing over a room!

Great post. I just have to say Sterling's scorescor a joke. He loved the game and said almost nothing but good things about it. At the end he said "But I hate Microsoft so I couldn't possibly give it more than a 2/10."

I thought it was funny.