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I'm digging the campaign so far. Bit of an abundance of weapons and "stuff" to go and search for to collect, but otherwise fun and looks stunning. Bit hesitant to dive into the competitive multiplayer stuff as of yet, especially after my buddy has been saying how horrid the spawns/server connections have to to kick things off. Will probably wait for the dust to settle and find my bearings before devling too much into multi, though would like to try Escape and Horde soon at least.

Yeah I'm also shocked at the deal I landed w/Game Pass ultimate. I lucked out and picked up a year of XBL Gold back in like February, but Microsoft just merged that w/Game Pass plus tacked on a few extra months for some reason after I bought the first month for a dollar.. So basically I have access to live Gold + all these games until April for like $51. Granted like 90% of them I couldn't care less about but even w/that 10% that's like 12-15 games that interest me. Gears, Forza Horizon 4, Shadow of War, Tomb Raider, Just Cause 4, RE4/5, Battle Chasers, etc..


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