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I don't see anyone talking about this game on this site. I didn't want to be the one to make the thread because the game deserves screenshots, videos, etc. and I don't really make posts like that anymore. If somebody makes a better thread, I'll gladly lock this one 

Anyway, I'm playing on Xbox One X and the game looks and plays incredibly well. I don't want to use hyperbole but it's definitely in the running for the best looking game I've personally ever played. After YEARS of disappointment with the last two games, The Coalition has NAILED IT. 

And a special shout-out to Gamepass Ultimate. It's crazy that I get to play a game of this caliber days before it hits retail along with over a hundred other games--many of which I was already on the fence about buying --for $15 a month...and I don't even start paying for it until March of next year!

Last edited by d21lewis - on 09 September 2019