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I think everyone has OCD, but to various degrees. I know what it feels like to see an out-of-place blind (the type of curtain) and see it standing out and want to make it look like all the other blinds. I don't believe I have enough OCD to be diagnosed because the slight micro-urges are subtle and I feel I have an on/off switch that is able to make me no care too, but life gets boring if I don't do anything become half-satisfied with no caring. It becomes an unhealthy addiction. You don't have to 'turn off' any cares/values because there are ways that you can use your OCD to your advantage.

One way how to use OCD to your advantage- achieve something that you value by using any technique that is motivated by your OCD. For Example- I feel good when I draw a picture that looks correct to the human eye, when I have extreme contrasts and balance the composition how I feel it makes me feel good, complete, aesthetically satisfied which is the same feeling as I get if I see a perfect set of blinds, this makes me feel good. I also value having a range of drawings in my portfolio, therefor this technique helps with my long term values too. Also, Earning money makes me feel good as I buy games to add to my collection as I value having a good games collection. These things help me feel good as I am using an urge to motivate things that would feed my values in life. The values don't have to be having a good drawing portfolio or having a good games collection, the values could be absolutely anything.

You have a passion for games. I have a fun idea-

Drawing is always a good option for OCD, the best artists are perfectionists. The best programmers are also perfectionists too. You can look at youtube tutorials or torrents or udemy tutorials. If you do both art and programming you can make games in GameMaker Studio 2 or Unity 3D. GameMaker is best choice when making 2D and publishing games with no deductions (other than buying a $100 basic license), you don't need to be a programmer to use Game Maker as there are plenty of drag n drop options to make a wide range of genres/mechanics anyway. Game maker uses GML if you wanted to program anything, and its easy to learn with enough tutorials out there. GML follows the same structure as C++, C# and Java, so if you know one of these, there will be no learning curve when adopting another of these languages.
Whereas Unity 3D is best for 3D games as You have way more control if you wanted to make a 2.5D or a 3D game. Unity may be best for games development in general as programmers are able to use C#. I have a feeling that Unity 3D is made for more powerful graphics in general, but I could be wrong.

I use Game Maker and hopefully want to publish a game one day, probably on the App Sore and Good Store.

I make my content using:

  • Game Maker Studio 2 (to make games with - Torrent it, or download the 30-day trial, or buy the cheap permanent licence),
  • Microsoft Paint (to make pixel art - Free),
  • Photoshop (to make any art - Torrent it, or subscribe to the licence. OR just download Gimp for free which is a good replicate of photoshop),
  • MuseScore (to create music - Free to download).

I also use Autodesk Maya as I did 3D animation at university. This is for 3D stuff. I've made a lot of 3D animations outside of any of my game maker projects. I've experimented in Unity 3D once but I will return to that program and one day make something game-related in 3D. But for now I'm focusing on 2D projects.

Focusing on game-making projects are a good activity for gamers with OCD :D.

Completing more games in your game collection & earning more PSN trophies is (to-me) a feel-good activity too. 

Anyway I hope this is inspirational. I'm also called Alex too :D.

Last edited by 00Xander00 - on 09 September 2019

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