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The_Liquid_Laser said:
I don't think physical media is going away, but Gamestop may be another matter. I don't think they are managed well. Whenever I go into a Gamestop nowadays I see this tiny little section for Switch games with huge sections for PS4 and XB1 games. The Switch basically has the same shelf space that the Wii U did. Is it any wonder why Amazon always over represents Switch sales? Tons of Switch customers go to Amazon, because Gamestop is just not going to be their store. They can get the Switch games they want at Amazon, but not at Gamestop.

Surely Gamestop knows that the Switch is selling a lot better than the Wii U, but they haven't changed their behavior accordingly.

I had a similar experience on the ps3 360 era. Went to Gamestop there was basically 1 shelf with ps3 games while the rest of the store was green with xbox 360 games and posters. They didnt have the PS3 game I wanted so I basically wasted time going there. Customer service was always shit and they were always trying to shove some crap down my throat. Not to mention the games they sold were not sealed, meaning who knows if the game was actually new or not. Tons of shady little shit like that to try and f*ck the customers for a profit.