Mar1217 said:
EB Games in our region (Quebec) are faring good so far, so I guess this is more concerning for the american market which is truly sad for the market in general, specially since we're talking about a shop that's specialized in the medium which makes your experience as a customer more worthwhile than going to a Walmart/Best Buy imo.

I hope they survive, I like my local Microplay a lot here, which is owned by Videotron. We have EB games as well but the guy who runs Microplay here is very knowledgeable and always reserves the latest gadgets for me. I don't want to deal with Best buy for the new consoles, hate that store.

I have been buying much fewer physical games though. Not so much for switching to digital (apart from psvr where most is digital only) but more since games have become so long and replayable I don't bother with the 8 hour 'story' games anymore. I'm currently playing NMS again and still playing GTS while SM2 is waiting for me on Switch and Borderlands 2 VR on PSVR. I simply don't have the time for new games.

What I miss most is a good book store. Sci-fi fantasy is hard to find around here and a lot is always out of stock or 1 to 3 months wait on Amazon. I have more luck going to an antique mall to find books :/