And nothing of value was lost. (if true)

They have too many stores and the stores they do have are full of too much junk. I have to sift through plushies and massively overpriced collectibles and shitty shirts and squeeze through tiny walkways past the smelly 300lb manchild there to pick up Shinobi Xtreme Schoolgirl Kintaku xXx just to make it to the back of the store where PS4/Xbone games are. And then heaven forbid an associate sees you looking at something, then you’re offered a used version, plus a warranty, plus DLC, plus a strategy guide, plus a Rewards account, plus hey was there anything you want to preorder? This game? No? How about this game. No? Well did you know this was coming out? No? How about this one. No? Did you know this was going to release in 8 months? Not interested?

I’m utterly shocked that they’re having financial troubles.