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Ganoncrotch said:
Pemalite said:
I am all for it. And it might just convince me to buy a Switch, even though I want a better hardware revision.

Wonder if it will be Crossplay with Xbox?

Paladins is fully crossplay with that system and because KB/M hasn't been introduced on Switch yet you can pick if you want cross play with all controls or just cross play with controller users.

Would imagine the port of OW will look to paladins to copy some of the features which have been available in what will be its number one rival on the platform.

I generally play Overwatch on PC, have done since launch... And supplement it with the occasional game on Xbox.
Paladins just never interested me to the same degree that Overwatch has... Don't know why.

Visually I would like to see how Overwatch holds up, that game does scale downwards extremely well, I mean... I can run the game on a 10+ year old PC easily enough... Would save me taking my Ryzen notebook with me when I travel to game.

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