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Azzanation said:

That's my biggest concern is it being a EGS exclusive. I don't mind it being on both EGS and Steam however Steam would be a no brainer since all the Homeworld games (Aside from Cataclysm due to the lost source code) are on Steam and I also don't believe Homeworld is using the Unreal 4 engine which would help the odds of not being exclusive to Epic. I hope so anyway.

On the one side, if it went EGS, they'd have some cash on hand, but on the other, look at what happened to Shem 3. Backers would riot and we'd see charge backs all around, further damaging crowdfunding even further.

Also, it'd be an RTS on a storefront that's not exactly popular for gamers outside of FN and a few indie titles, and we know that genre is already at it's lowest already, so going EGS exclusive could possibly kill the franchise in one swoop, and I know the both of us wouldn't want that, not after all these years we've been waiting for. 

I've also been seeing plenty of word from fans around the net, fully expecting mod support, and EG don't exactly have full mod support implemented within their client yet, with those features being constantly pushed back, and even then we do not know what depth or kind of mod support would be allowed there. 

personally, I'm hoping for Steamworks mod support, coupled with Nexus mods, since then we have two choices of modding to go for.