the-pi-guy said:

o_O.Q said:

"Do you think it could be trendy to be transgender?  Do you think it could be trendy for people to become a specific gender?"

the link I posted detrans is full of people stating just that

I've seen many of them claim that because society made them feel bad or scared of being female (the wonders of feminist hyperbole I'm sure) they decided to transition into men, so they could feel more powerful and less like victims

It's hardly "full" of people saying that. 

So what about the people who feel better after transitioning?

o_O.Q said:

"You seem to continuously think that people that are transgender are being forced or manipulated into it."

and some trans people who have detransitioned claim that is the case for them, why do you refuse to acknowledge them?

>why do you refuse to acknowledge them?

On the contrary, I have said that it is possible, but it doesn't make any sense to me why it would be any kind of norm.  

Additionally I have said that such things would be abuse.  

Why do you continue to ignore things that have been said?  

Pedophiles feel better after molesting children, doesn't make it right.Serial killers feel better about killing people, also doesn't make it right. Mental patients dont know they are mental, to them its normal. The fact that the mental patients are convincing seemingly normal people to buy into their craziness is IMO the worst part of this. 

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