AngryLittleAlchemist said:


I think you're adding on to a none issue about a "mild concern" don't you think. Well thanks for adding your 2 cents. First and foremost you're repeating what I said about how we don't know much about what they're adding to the Remake, all we do know is that the lore is huge, and that there is 8 sectors that we can possibly explore instead of 1, and on top of that the cut content from the original can make their way in the Remake. Mind you we don't know why they were cut from the original. Memory issue, or something else, we don't know. However it's a valid reason that holds more weight than it just being a huge modern game. 

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Don't accuse people of already making up their mind when 7 hours before your post they literally say "For clarity I am not saying the game will be bad nor have problems. I just have mild concerns, but absolutely agree I won't know until I play it.  Point being concerns and complaints are not equivalent."

4 hours later he said (quote below). Clearly the dude have made up his mind. Clearly you have not thought this through.

Chrkeller said:

I was fine with the amount of Midgar there was in the original.  Exploring all 8 sections just isn't appealing.  Strikes me as making the game longer for the sake of having an overly large game.