deskpro2k3 said:

I think this discussion is going on far too long. We're going in a direction where both sides are going to have to put in more effort and evidence to justify their viewpoints, which are becoming more specific as the conversation goes on, even though we have very little to go on to begin with. That kind of push for "evidence" isn't sustainable because we don't have much at all.

All we know is that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is huge, with just Midgar alone accompanying one part. A lot of that size could be graphics, dialogue, etc., but considering it's on two discs it seems very likely that the content has been stretched out significantly. 

Frankly, it's unfair to lambaste someone (99% sure your unedited comments were a lot more negative) and act as if they must not know a lot about Final Fantasy for dumb reasons like "Well, the old games had skippable sidequests" or "there was a lot of cut content from the game" - because you really have to stretch that reasoning out in order to attempt to make a point out of them. Most sidequests in games are skippable ... that's what makes them sidequests. However, it's silly to act like games don't balance themselves around sidequests, or that the price tag isn't fit specifically for people who want that kind of value off the title (you are going to have to buy 2-3 games just to rush through the story). As for the cut content, who cares? Cut content in games is often cut because it isn't that good. And considering they're adding lore from the extended universe of Final Fantasy 7 - easily the biggest stain on the game's legacy, there is no guarantee this extension will work.  Especially when you backpedal and act understanding when your tone and attitude was very clearly dismissive and harsh. 

Don't accuse people of already making up their mind when 7 hours before your post they literally say "For clarity I am not saying the game will be bad nor have problems. I just have mild concerns, but absolutely agree I won't know until I play it.  Point being concerns and complaints are not equivalent."

This wouldn't have gone on for this long if you didn't post a really juvenile mischaracterization of people who might be concerned about the game's length.