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COKTOE said:

I might spam this thread.

A pigeon shit on my head in 1995. It went all the way down my face to my upper lip, stopping just short of going in my mouth. I was right next to a big downtown mall. I made my way inside, through the entire length of the mall, up to second floor, wiped off what I could with paper towels, and proceeded to literally wash the shit out of my face in the mall bathroom sink. I got home, stripped my cloths off, showered, mouthwashed a LOT, brushed and mouthwashed some more. Horrific.

jesus fucking christ, were people looking at you in the mall or anything? 

the same thing happened to be but not nearly as bad. was walking home under some electric wires where birds are often sitting and all of a sudden some shit landed in my hair. went home and immediately showered and washed my hair and face several times.