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estebxx said:
Chazore said:
I for one am loving that meltdown, happening over on Era, about THQN winning, and how a good chunk of the users within that thread are trying to look for ways to take pot shots at anyone who likes THQN, let alone wishing to buy their games. Era is truly becoming a cesspool of toxic thought patrol police, and I hope it'll eventually go the way of Gaf, someday, but not today. Either way, their little hissy fit over one publisher winning is telling.

Thats happening? lol, i guess i shouldnt be surprised since i heard Resetera is compossed of mainly people who left Neogaf after the owner got some complaints of crossing the line with a lady or something like that

THQN won that award, and half of ERa had the biggest shit fit in history (how I saw it anyway), where they basically shat constantly on the publisher, over that one Reddit 8chan AMA thread. They constantly went out of their way to basically dogpile anyone who dared "support" them, by either buying future games, buying upcoming games or simply giving them kudos for winning the award. 

In short, many people were banned, good/bad, over one publisher winning a single award, from a single convention, over video games. The mods had to lock the thread twice.

The thread in question (have fun):

I honestly cannot wait for the day, when that crap-fest, that cesspool of a site, is shut down, and gone for good. When gaf shut down, I was actually happy, because it meant that half the demanding, zealous snowflakes, would go somewhere else and not interfere with the gaming industry ever again, but here we are, Era trying to poke it's ugly head into the industry on a near constant basis, because something doesn't align with their beliefs/values. That site borders so closely to "thought police", that it's not even funny. 

They are also shitting on a trans journo, who basically called their entire site exactly for what it is. Of course they didn't take that well, and continue to discredit her, for not being like Kotaku/Polygon.