Ronster316 said:
the-pi-guy said:
>slow controls/gameplay

What weapons have you tried?

>bosses that are more tedious than technical,

I don't particularly find them tedious. Most of them are too short.

Perhaps its because im nearly 4 years too late to the party with Bloodbourne, where as im only 2 years late to the Nioh party, i love my hack n slash games, and intend on going back to beat NG2 on way of the master ninja, (way of the mentor was a toughie) as for weapons, im still using the sword and that german sounding gun, i'm sure heres many more weapons and guns, but a dying online community, pesky invaders stealing my echos and more, has just left me a bit.... unfulfilled.

Ahh... So it wasn't a boss that triggered you, but invaders. People get mad, and I can understand that. And this isn't the first time I've seen someone rage by creating a thread and posting online about how the game sucks. When people get upset, some people relieve themselves by trying to make other people upset. I don't appreciate it, and me ten years ago would have disliked you as a person for it. But me today is more understanding, and I bet that under normal circumstances you are a pretty good guy. A short temper is a characteristic of you, but I'm looking past that; let's not let it define you.

In my opinion, you should just put the game down for awhile and come back to it another time. Games are supposed to be fun. Not frustrating.