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EricHiggin said:
sethnintendo said:

I get your point though.  I've watched some movies (at home) based off friend's recommendations from them seeing it. 

So you are saying we are all just walking ads.  Mind blown.

Movies wasn't a great example because it's not a product you really need. Something like footwear would have been better. At some point in time you're going to need new shoes or boots or crocs and that ad will at the very least be in the back of your mind. It may not be enough to influence you to purchase their brand, but it will have influenced you in some manner. The ad may not have immediately accomplished it's number one goal but it didn't completely fail either because it's likely to come into play at some point in time later on, even if not directly through your wallet.

Funny mention shoes because brand I went with most past decade or so would be New Balance and I have never seen a New Balance ad.  I tried them out one time after having trouble with Nike and others (have a wide flat foot and size 12 to 13).  Most other companies even their wide versions have high arcs on heels.  I tried New Balance at store putting aside my these are old people shoes bias and found out they were comfortable.  Maybe one person recommended them to me but think switch was due to frustration with other brands.  I still wear Nikes but have to get a size or two bigger some reason they inflate their shoe size to make people feel better?

I honestly have never seen a New Balance ad that I can remember yet I ended up gravitating to the company.  Plus their big size shoes are still made in USA.