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Dulfite said:
Platinum is way to close to Nintendo to be bought by anyone but them, in my opinion.

That's my thought too and I believe it will happen. Now that Sony has bought Insomniac I think we are going to see more defensive purchases and Platinum is the big one for Nintendo. 

twintail said:
I somehow doubt it. I guess they will try acquire Bluepoint. Insomniac doesn't want to be bought, Kojima Productions seems very soon, and not really a studio buy but a Kojima buy.

This relates to something I mentioned in the other thread but I think companies saying "We love our independence" is more PR than anything. Ninja Theory said they liked being independent until they got bought by Microsoft. Insomniac too. I think companies won't go out there and say they hate it and will speak how it works for them. Behind close doors they seem to be more than happy to take a deal. 

This isn't to dogpile you twintail. I see where you were coming from with the information we knew. I think these companies aren't upfront about it.

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