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JWeinCom said:
DonFerrari said:

It wasn't aimed at you, sorry if it looked like that.

I'm not native to English, but even in portuguese the "seems like" "looks like", etc equivalents aren't reduced to just seeing or sight. They have exactly the same purpouse you used of figuratively "seems like" being "from what I've experienced this situation is similar to this another so I induce this...."

The person you replied to have used 3 or more times the argument I don't speak english as native language to avoid a point or mock me (funny enough every other user, native or not, understood the point perfectly).

Ah.  Yeah.  You could also find that definition if you use an actual dictionary instead of wikipedia.

Funnier yet is to not even accept that was wrong and say you don't know english based on the wiki entry.

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