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JWeinCom said:
Azzanation said:

For starters, the heading of this thread stats (Looks God Awful) so clearly it has to be about how it looks.

So you can tell if a game is bad without even playing it? I will always disagree with this. Unless you actually play it for yourself you will never know. Also I mentioned the testers at E319 enjoyed the gameplay demo. So as much as people want to vote if a game is trash by there keyboard or to actually try it for themselves to know for sure, I leave my votes in pending until I try it for myself.

Also just wanted to add, people need to stop treating this game like some super budget AAA game. Its not, its an Indy game with MS's permission to be made.

I don't know if English is not your first language or if you just don't understand the colloquial usage of the word look.  "Looks" is frequently used as a shorthand for "Based on what I see, I anticipate it will be".

If I say "looks like rain"  I am saying "based on what I can observe I think there will be rain".  I am not saying that the sky literally looks like rain.  If my waiter brings me a steak and I say "oh that looks delicious", I am almost certainly not saying that the steak literally looks delicious, since it is impossible for something to somehow visually be delicious (unless you have synesthesia or something).  I almost certainly mean to say "based on what I can observe, I anticipate the steak will be delicious".  If I see a trailer of a movie and I say "looks boring", I am almost certainly not saying that the visuals of the movie are boring.  I am almost certainly saying "based on that trailer I anticipate the final product will be boring."  And when someone says "looks god awful" they are almost certainly saying "based on what I can tell, I anticipate this game will suck ass."

It is great to see someone who used to play the "english is not your first language" and similar dismissive talk to deny my points get the same threatment.

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