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Here's my list of consoles I've owned:
Xbox One X (November 2017)*
Xbox One S (October 2017)
Nintendo Switch (March 2017)*
Xbox One S (November 2016)
PS4 Pro (Nov 2016)*
PSVR (Oct 2016)*
Xbox One w/ Kinect (May 2016)
PSTV (Oct 2015)
Ouya (January 2015)
New Nintendo 3DS (February 2015)
New Nintendo 3DS (February 2015)
Xbox One (March 2014)
PlayStation 4 (January 2014)
PlayStation 3 Super Slim (November 2013)
Wii U (November 2012)*
PS Vita (February 2012)*
3DS ( December 2011)
3DS (June 2011)
Xbox 360 S (Late 2010)
Nintendo DSi (2009)
Sony PSP (December 2009)
Sony PSP (October 2009)
Xbox 360 60gb (2008)
Nintendo DS Lite (December 2008)
PlayStation 3 (June 2008)
Wii (May 2007)
Xbox 360 20 gb (March 2007)
Nintendo DS Lite (2006)
Nintendo DS (2006)
Nintendo DS (2006)
PlayStation 2 (2005)
Nintendo DS (November 2004)*
PlayStation 2 (2003)
Nintendo GameCube (November 2001)*
PlayStation 2 (April 2001)
Sega Dreamcast (March 2001)
Nintendo 64 (December 1999)
PlayStation (1998)
PlayStation (March 1997)
Nintendo 64 (September 1996)*
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (December 1993)
Nintendo Gameboy (1991)
Nintendo Entertainment System (December 1988)

• day one purchase

Now the Xbox 360 before the "Jasper" chip set (I've always hated the name Jasper). THAT was a piece of shit. I currently own five XBO consoles and I've purchased two as gifts. All of them are fine.

I also have to add the the PS1 and PS2 were made it tissue paper! That was one of the reasons I bought an Xbox 360. I didn't want to spend $600 on a console that was going to break. Unfortunately, two of my 360s STILL broke. I also wound up buying a "Phat" PS3 because I needed MGS4 in my life. It broke a few years later when I was installing MGS Rising to the HDD.

All of my 8th gen machines are great, though.

*edit* I said two of my 360s broke but it was the same 20GB 360 that broke twice.

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