PS4 seems to be on pace to finish the year around 15'5-16'0M which is what i predicted at the begining of the year (in fact i said that PS4 and Switch would be neck and neck just before Oct-Nov and it seems is going to be like this), and all of this without a price cut and a lackluster year of AAA games in 2019 compared to 2017 and 2018.

I don't know what to say about this...We were talking in that other thread about how Nintendo games don't go cheaper and still sell and sell, years after release, and with PS4 is the same but with home consoles. Base PS4 still costs officially 300$ almost 6 years after its release and is still going to have a better year in 2019 that any year that PS3 or X360 had last gen. It's super impressive. No home console has sold that much, that late at such a price. PS2, PS1 and Wii by this time, were way more cheaper than PS4.

PS4 should end then this year around 107M sold to consumers and if PS5 launches in Nov 2020, PS4 should be close to 120M by then.

Switch, well... is doing fine, probably affected by the inminent Lite launch. I still expect around 18'5-19'0M units sold to consumers this year, a considerable growth compared to last year. This yea, seems very easy to predict right now. What interests me more now, is what Switch is going to do in 2020. We will see....

As for's basically dead. Microsoft wasted resources on XBO X....., They should've done a X360 and start the gen a year earlier, in 2019, even if you did not have games. XBOX brand is going to be fine in US but everywhere else is just that..., dead. Now I'm not even expecting that they will reach 50M at this rate...We probably will never know for sure because Microsoft will never say numbers.