JRPGfan said:
melbye said:
I can't see anything big being announced on PS4 anymore

Sony could just "kite" out the rest, their lineup is still strong going into in the launch of the PS5...

However I doubt they do that, I bet theres still abit more in the tank.
And even after the PS5 releases, there will be cross gen games, that also go to the PS4.

Theres still tons of life left in it.

I don't. It's not like Sony only has one or two titles until the PS5. They have 3 SIE Worldwide studio games coming out, 4 first party titles, and 1 major third party exclusive (don't know if Sony own Death Stranding as an IP or not, but if they do that's 5 first party titles then). 

It's much more likely, honestly, that Sony only has one, or two cross-gen releases at most, especially if the Playstation 5 is backwards compatible with Playstation 4. I think Ghost of Tsushima will definitely be a cross-gen release on launch, and the only other title I think that will get an official Playstation 5 version is The Last of Us 2, which I don't even think would be a cross-gen release so much as a remaster 6 months or so after release. It's the last first party heavy hitter to release before the Playstation 5 comes out, so it won't be cross-gen at launch like Tsushima probably will be.

Third parties are much more likely to keep doing cross-gen releases well into the Playstation 5's early life.