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numberwang said:
SammyGiireal said:
I am mid 30s. Have reached stage 4. Consistent Rogaine treatment has helped me get back to 3. But the product has to be used at least 7 months with out fail. Quitting the product for more than 3 months gets me back to stage 4. Balding sucks, but one must keep fighting the good fight!

Have you tried Finasteride to keep the existing hair? An FUE transplant could give you long term hair back to NW3 and you could stop the daily Rogaine application.

As an Avid Men's Health Mag reader lol. I read an article about Finasteride's side effects. A search online confirmed some of the reports. Not everyone gets the side effects, but there are some horror stories.  So I have pretty much battled baldness with Rogaine. I want a transplant but they are extremely pricey, so maybe in the future if I can save a few grand.