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Chazore said:
DonFerrari said:

For me 4k and Raytracing is a monstruos waste for Minecraft

Honestly, 4k is a waste to me as well, but I find that shaders can give a bit more colour/life to the a lot of objects in minecraft, as well as the sunrise and sunsets:

RaptorChrist said:

While I haven't done any experiments with it myself, basic ray tracing was brought to many non-RTX cards in a driver update a few months back. I have an 8GB 1070 which can be acquired for $300-ish if you buy at the right time, and it looks like it is supported in this update.

But yeah, Minecraft is a strange game to offer this feature, but maybe because of it's low spec requirements, these effects could be achieved with a non-RTX card. No idea, really :P

Well, MJ did post on their own website, that they will be working on a new rendering engine, which will likely include options for RT. It may be partial for those without RTX cards, it may not, but I'm excited to see what it will bring to the table either way. 

Personally, I want all the options that optifine gives the user to tweak with.

I have no doubt it improves the visual, but to me that is like making a turd shine.

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