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I mean... why not read the article in the OP? It literally addresses both points you raise. Windows is a Microsoft platform. And they intend to honor the releases already in the works when they bought these studios, but don't plan on releasing future games on other consoles.

Put forth at least a little effort before jumping to a predetermined conclusion.

My favorite thing about VGC is reading these interviews and comments from people at Microsoft or their studios and seeing how some here will twist and turn and remove context until they're left with what they wanted those interviewees to say in the first place. For example Matt Booty said if the game would benefit from a multiplatform release in terms of the way the game is designed, it could release on other platforms. Like Minecraft. But big releases would stay off other consoles. Nothing about "if they want to". Why wouldn't any developer WANT their games to be multiplat? You think the guys at Naughty Dog, all things being equal, still being funded by Sony, wouldn't want their art to be experienced by PC and Xbone users as well? Of course they would WANT that.

Another example of removing context and twisting words is this downplaying 60 frames per second nonsense. Never happened. Of course they harped on 4k, just like Sony did marketing the Pro. And always good to see your latest "if X happens, MS isn't making any more consoles" prediction. You're like 0 for 23 or something, but keep swinging for the fences friend lol

I love your ability to read minds.

So every dev would love to have their games on all systems as well? I very much doubt most of Nintendo developers have any high wish that their games release on Xbox or PS. If they were so passionate at their games being in all system they would likely been looking to go to a 3rd party.

Every dev wants as many people to play their games as possible. The only reason you see exclusive deals or games not releasing in particular platforms is money. Which is why I said all things being equal. These people are artists, why wouldn’t they want as many people as possible to experience their work? Either way you’re harping on a small part of my post that frankly I don’t feel like bickering about 🖖