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Cerebralbore101 said:

This video is pretty crazy. I like how the games are deemed "violent". Parents back then were worried about Nintendo turning their kids into Zombies, but those same parents sat down every night to watch hours of braindead sitcoms. I also like how parents are all worried about kids not doing their homework. They already went to school for 40 hours a week. You want them to do two more hours worth of paperwork after they get home? Get real! 90% of what is/was taught in class is just the same junk that they learned last year, with a little bit extra thrown in. Any kid with a slightly above average intelligence is bored to tears with school, because the schools teach at a snail's pace. The 40 hour workweek was instituted for a reason. Teaching kids that they need to work past 40 hours a week is toxic. 

That depends. I work 6 days a week (around 40-45 hours) and the money is fantastic. Not a lot of extra actual work for much more pay. The problem arises when people are forced to work overtime and are not properly compensated (hourly vs salary).

True. 45 isn't that much over regular hours. And lots of people are paid salary, but required to put in ridiculous hours. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true.