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There is literally almost no way this is true, at all. Superdata is known for I believe being really inaccurate when it comes to Playstation 4 speculation, so I'm not sure why they'd be accurate for Switch. 

Fire Emblem: Three Houses sold 300k physical in the U.S. for July.

In Japan, it sold 178k for July. (Can't remember if Famitsu includes digital for Nintendo games or not, it seems like they do for some titles?).

Assuming the sales in Europe are similar to Japan for July, that would mean Three Houses sold around ~656k copies worldwide physically. That would mean it would sell more digitally, which even if you count for the fact that there's vouchers, game shortages, etc. would be too big of a leap of digital sales. Physical would only account for about 45% of sales whereas digital would account for 55% of sales (Nintendo digital ratios are usually estimated to be around 15-25%). That's a PS4 level digital ratio, simply not likely at all. Especially because JRPGs tend to have very massive falls in sales after the first week, so even if it sold well digitally 800k would be a huge stretch. 

Just not likely at all.

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 20 August 2019