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Ganoncrotch said:
Pinkie_pie said:

What sony first party game could possibly run on the switch?

You know considering you've not thought about this post when making it, without even going into how any game would run on the switch with effort and porting skills (Doom, Wolfenstein and Witcher 3) what you've forgotten to add in this post is the words "current gen" or "ps4" without those words the list of first party Sony games which could run on the switch is massive around 100 + titles all of which would need zero cut backs. 

I'd say the switch could run the entire Sony first party PS1 library at the same time without sweating too much.

Of course i was referring to ps4 games and beyond. Some of these ps4 games can be ported to switch but it will take a lot of time and effort. You think sony would waste time porting their ps4 games to the switch when they can use that time to make new games? They will only port their games to xbox or pc because it wont take much effort