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KrspaceT said:

Was thinking this is I watch the Indie showcase on 8/19/2019. 

All these games, and I can't imagine all of them blowing up like Shovel K. But of course there is a space between Shovel K. and failure, and where is that?

Probably a dumb question...

It varies is the answear...

Watched the indie showcase too, and yes some of them look really cheap, while a few you could tell probably cost abit extra to develope.

"Eastward" + "youRopa" + "Touryst" looks like it had alot of effort behinde it.

While something like "freedom finger" looks budget as all hell.
"Skater XL" looked budget as hell too, same with "Earthnight".

Skelleboy probably didnt cost much either, but looks okay.
Superhot was cheap, but well done, dispite it.
Sometimes it also comes down to how well they spend their money developeing stuff.