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Lonely_Dolphin said:
mZuzek said:

Yeah, um, that's exactly how it works.

If I don't remember the ad even existed how could I buy something because of it?

Mnementh said:

I think you underestimate the power of ads on your subconcious. In many cases it is also not so much about prefering one brand over another but instead being aware of a product in the first place.

Anyways, as mentioned before game announcements are ads. I am pretty sure you had lesser games and more money if game companies would not announce their releases on conferences with flashy videos. You wouldn't probably have heard about half the games you own.

What effects do ads have on subconscious? Sure they spread awareness but being aware of a product don't necessarily mean you'll buy it.

I specifically seek those out so I don't count those. Intrusive ads like when watching videos or browsing a site like this have never gotten me to buy product I wouldn't have otherwise. When I need something I do my own research, look over and compare various options n stuff.

JRPGfan said:

Its hot.... your thirsty,.... and suddenly you remember...

(in the old days)
The bottle opener clinking against the glass bottle, the bottle opening, the cap falling and landing and rattleing abit before settleing.
You hear a glass placed before you, and the ice cubes pored in.... and the fizz and crackleing from the ice, as the coke hits it.
You hear the ice cubes running around the glass,...

Then theres that "aaaaahhh" as the guy takes a drink.

Visually theres those sweat pearls along the glass, and it just looks like a million bucks (on a hot summers day atleast), that glass of coke.

Its like one of those AMSR videos or something.
Cola was ahead of the times man.... you watch one of those days 2-3 times a day all year long.... come summer and your thirsty... your thinking
"I could drink one of those cold glasses of cola, right about now"

Hell Santa used to be blue..... but Coke's logo was red, so they changed his outfit to match the logo's colours.
Cola used to be more expensive (compaired to today), so it was something more often used to celebrate with... Cola wanted in on the christmas market. They ran ads, every holiday with Santa in red.

Today everyone "knows" santa wears red.

For real, Coke changed Santa from being blue? All the more reason why I don't drink it then!

The story I remember was he being green. But yes Santa Claus became associated with Red worldwide due to Coca-Cola marketing. Same with diamonds are forever.

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