Zkuq said:
DonFerrari said:

Never gona happen.

MS already used the True4K and other monickers for X1X, if they say the Scarlet will be a 1080p machine people will be confused on why they should buy the "weaker" console to upgrade from what they have. And Sony being cinematic focused will certainly go 4k. If the 720p/900p vs 1080p looked bad for X1 the start of this gen, can you imagine how bad will be 1080p vs 4k?

It'll almost certainly be up to the devs and if it is, I can guarantee you there will some games that will not run at 4K. That said, I do expect devs to target 4K rather than focusing on more important stuff, so in that sense, I suppose you are right. I'm not very optimistic about this...

Sure it is up to devs. But start of gen it is full of crossgen, so it those games are 1080 or close in PS4 and X1 they will be 4k on next gen.

Some devs will chose to go below 4k some time after, perhaps 1440p. But certainly they won't go 1080p even less for the reason of putting 60fps. If 60fps is the most important thing for you then PC is basically the only option.

1080p will probably be only used by indie devs. There is to big of a generational jump from base X1 to next gen for 1080p to be the general choice anyway.

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