Chazore said:
DonFerrari said:

Or from one PS1 WWE game. "He is dead, it's over".

I mean, I was expecting an actual question, not a one hit K.O lol.

It is what it is though. You cannot be a couch gamer and expect to win a technical discussion vs a dev who's actually dabbling with tech and actually has used multiple screen types for years on end. 

it's like an non artist trying to argue with an actual artist on proper colour correction. 

Well CGI could work on different area and his knowledge on the graphical aspect be not much better than ours. Like being a programmer, level designer, etc. But from what he post on the dedicated threads he works on doing models, assets and other stuff that is very graphically intensive and advanced.

Just waiting for next gen to start rolling to see what he will post.

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