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Lonely_Dolphin said:
mZuzek said:
I think ads in general work more in a long-term brainwashing way than a "wow I'm going to get this now!" way.

How does that work? I think most lack the attention span for that lel.

Farsala said:

Ads serve as reminders I suppose.

Like a new game announcement trailer is technically an advertisement designed for you to want the game. But often the game was already confirmed to be bought the second it got announced for me. Many trailers change people's minds though. Like the new God of War (2018), it had massive fanfare and got many more people to buy it than the older games. If there was no trailer showing off the game or any info than people probably wouldn't buy it in as many droves. For me, I kind of got turned off by it and decided to not buy it until it is cheap.

I was thinking of stuff like car/food/travel destinations, but I guess yeah trailers are ads too. E3/Nintendo Directs/etc. are all just a collection of ads, but you have to go out of your way to see those. Afaik they generally don't show up when you're doing something else.

Maybe you are a regular coke drinker. But maybe one week you were really busy and didn't buy any coke, but you saw an ad, and all of a sudden you really want that coke. So in the end you stayed hooked on coke due to an ad despite already being a coke drinker before. I know after a bike ride in 95F, I really want a coke right now. But I bought tea instead.