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Azzanation said:
Chrkeller said:
4k is terms of resolution is so overrated. Unless one has a massive screen or sits incredibly close, 1080p is fine. What is important is HDR, not the actual pixel count. As far as I'm concerned:

1440p + HDR + 60 fps

I game on my PC at 4k/60 with HDR and I can tell you, there is a good difference between 1440p and 4k. I only use a 55inch TV and I can tell night and day the difference. Just like I could tell the difference between 900p and 1080p. 

Once you start getting use to a resolution, you can tell when it changes. Once you get use to 4k, you can tell when you play a game that isn't in 4k.

I am not saying 1440p or 1080p are bad resolutions however compared to 4k, there is a eye popping difference.  

What about dynamic resolution? Can you tell when a game drops resolution during explosions and stuffs?