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THe remaster was a nice love letter to the fans, and it's mod support as well. Good times playing with some Star Wars mods back in the day. DoK was alright, but land battles honestly do not seem like a good fit for the franchise, seeing as how other RTS games like Supreme Comm do a better job of ground combat and scale of units/battles there.

Seeing as how it's more or less run by Gearbox, I cannot trust a new Homeworld to come out, that would actually be available to RTS fans, since their recent dealings with Epic Games. If they announce a new Homeworld and it's locked to EG, then I'm waving goodbye to the IP for good. I've little time to waste with a publisher who doesn't care about me, nor my money, and I've little time to care about a publisher who doesn't want the RTS genre coming back in a big way.