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I haven't gotten to Shadowbringers yet but picked FFXIV up again after a multiple year break. As far as MMO's go this game is amazing. It is stylish and beautiful and there is so much interesting content, I feel like I am overloaded.

The best part however is how the story is told. It's the best and most interesting story-driven game I have played over the years, (single player included) where you patiently watch a plot build up before taking the reigns at times. And I am only finishing up on the second expansion, Heavensward.
The biggest downside at this moment is that I lose myself in crafting, I have leveled all crafting and gathering jobs even passed my main job and it keeps me away from the awesome story far too much.

Anyway, SquareEnix is redeeming themselves in a way I never would have thought possible. Forget about the lackluster 13 saga, all the remasters and moneygrabs, THIS is where you should spend your time with Final Fantasy!