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teamsilent13 said:

I’m Christian and only support monogomy. 1 man per woman on the earth and I think it’s the morally responsible position. Im also vegan and straight edge and right wing on most political positions.

If you adhere to the Old Testament (And some Christian denominations do! Especially more extreme right-wing sects!) then the support of Polygamy would well and truly be a thing.

teamsilent13 said:

The divorce rates are unhealthy as well.

Some Christian denominations are very anti-divorce as it was a fairly modern invention.

teamsilent13 said:

Pagans believed in God and reincarnation (or afterlife). Most polygamists are probably atheist so I doubt they have much in common with pagans. Also, a lot of pictures depict pagans with long hair and shaved bears, the opposite of modern times for current trends.

Pagans certainly didn't adhere to the middle-eastern, abrahamic God that the Jews, Christians and Muslims believe... In-fact not all Pagans believed in afterlife or reincarnation either.

Remember Pagan by it's definition is a person who holds religious beliefs outside of the main world religions... So it could be someone who believes in the Egyption Gods, Celtic Gods, Hinduism... And more. In short they are eclectic.

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