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I’m Christian and only support monogomy. 1 man per woman on the earth and I think it’s the morally responsible position. Im also vegan and straight edge and right wing on most political positions. What you support is degeneracy not paganism. Pagans often lived in monogomy and simply had tribes and druids. Polygamy is not just going to send you to hell because it is evil, but also the mark of a failing society. The divorce rates are unhealthy as well. Now on the other hand, age gap is something that frustrates me about society when men historically were often a decade older than their female partners. Again I’m very right wing and religious and will be for the rest of my life. There’s nothing boring about monogomy, but there is danger in polygamy. That being said I’m hardly jelous as Im in a healthy relationship with a woman who takes care of her body. she will age well based on her mother and has the personal qualities that mark trust. There are so many women with bodies ruined by tattoos that werent atttractive to me before that. I am simply looking out for incels, children, and the long term stability of society. I was a volcel until 5 years or so. I refused to date thots in college who were loose. Rejecting those women was much better than had I engaged in polygamy. I hope to be married in 2-3 years and never worry about it.

Pagans believed in God and reincarnation (or afterlife). Most polygamists are probably atheist so I doubt they have much in common with pagans. Also, a lot of pictures depict pagans with long hair and shaved bears, the opposite of modern times for current trends.

Last edited by teamsilent13 - on 11 August 2019