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Xxain said:
d21lewis said:

I'm sure he did. And a ton of others. It just always irks me when people only see flaws in other groups and ignore the exact same issue with their own.

... Your not insinuating I'm a Trump supporter are you? If so, F you. If not, then I take it back. I like Bill Clinton, but to know this man might raging pedo is kick in the balls. 

Don't hold your keyboard tongue. You want to say "Fuck you" then say "Fuck you.". I can take it. Yes, I insinuated that you were a Trump supporter. That's all I've seen today from the far right. Attacks on the left over a piece of shit guy that probably had enough dirt to black the eye of a lot of our "heroes" politics be damned.

Rather than condemning the man, his actions, or even the fact that Justice can't be served now, they did what you did. So yeah, based on the post you made, I (mistakenly?) grouped you in with them. Hope that takes away any ambiguity.

Twitter: @d21lewis