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Pyro as Bill said:
'Women did too'
Yeah they got pimped out aplenty.

In Roman times, there were whole sex parties involving only women, and it wasn't regarded as weird. They also had hetero orgies obviously. Marriage was a temporary thing for the raising of children, that's it.

Pyro as Bill said:

Wasn't that mainly concubines and charity towards widows though?

And since Roman times and Biblical times overlap, yeah that was more than just concubines my friend. Besides, it's not like the Bible says "and the guys can have concubines, that's cool by me" there's just mentions that it happens, and no mention of God being pissed. No reason that can't be applied to women having more than one man too. So I don't see why even Christians couldn't be non-monogamous and still be living by the Book. Like I said before, I blame the Puritans.