00Xander00 said:

Lol, is this because of Trump blaming games? This is irrationally reckless for a businessman. The games industry makes more money that the majority of industries in 2019.
Boris Johnson should make an open statement to the American games industry who make violent games, asking them to come to Britain instead.
"If your a company who produces violent games and you feel any resentment against Trump's stance against the American games industry, then advertise all you like here, even bring the whole company here out of spite too" XD.
Trump would hate that lol. He would absolutely hate loosing any pillars of 'his' economy.

P.S. Realistically, I doubt Wallmart's policy on this will last for long anyway because after the blame-game disappears from the public's consciousness, their business-mindset will soon kick in.

This move by the corporate hillbillies at Wal-Mart is most likely more due to Trump giving his mentally r*****ed opinion on the topic than it is due to the actual, ongoing issue of gun powered mass murder.

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