VAMatt said:
I'll go ahead and bow out of this conversation after this. What we seem to have here is a bunch of non-Americans pretending to speak on American culture, and life in the USA with authority. There are a couple of Americans in here trying to constructively contribute to the conversation, with first-hand knowledge and experience. But, many of y'all persist in thinking that you know better than the people that actually live through this stuff. I hope you guys recognize that you are simply living in a state of ignorance. You all might think back on the old adage about statistics and who uses them.

Also, this topic should be moved to the politics forum. It hasn't really been about gaming for a couple of days now.

Yea I agree that this probably should be moved to politics forum since the thread has spiral out of control.  When I first made the thread I was debating whether to put it in gaming or politics but chose gaming because I felt like the gaming industry was under threat (even though from political forces).  Now it totally seems to be moved to politics.

I live in USA and don't mind people throwing around facts about gun violence.  Sure it can be misleading depending on your race, where you live, etc.. but we still have major issue with killing ourselves.  Maybe it started happening more when we shut down almost all the insane asylums and thought we could drug the crazies into an existence in society (along with lax gun regulations)?  I don't really have the answers but I know for sure that assault rifles should be reserved for military use. 

Anyways, I have never felt the need to own a gun for protection.  I'm big enough guy that hardly anyone ever fucks with me (plus I'm usually polite to most people in public unlike my usual asshole self here).  Also, I do the world a favor by not owning a gun (have used friend's guns on ranch before for target practice) because my dumb ass would have probably already shot someone by now.  I'm a big enough weapon as is and if I need a weapon I'll pick up any household item and make it one.  I don't go out in public much (not that I'm scared I just hate traffic and lots of people in one area) so I don't think I have to worry about being a gun victim.