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GoOnKid said:

Cool! Try FFXV and REVII if you happen to be a fan of those two series.

Someday I want to play RE VII but I think I want to play RE II Remake before. That game is one of the most wanted to play this year. with DMC V.

As for FF, I think I'm going to play FF VII Remake xD directly

COKTOE said:
Glad you're enjoying the new platform. You have some nice games to start off with there. And yeah PSN can have some great deals. The best one I ever got was Darksiders Warmastered 2, for 50 cents last summer. lol. It was on the same month the first game was one of the PS+ games.

Thanks man!

twintail said:
I see that you are using the PS4 for exclusive content (not available on Switch). I wonder then, if the content resembles something Nintendo-esque will that make you more or less inclined to play it? That is, are you looking for content that is also different from what you usually play? Just curious to know

I would say to play games that are different from those I normally play. My list of current games and future purchases fit that.

mZuzek said:
Guilty Gear is awesome, good choice.

Yeah, I had the opportunity to play it with a friend on his PC and the truth is that it was love at first sight. I always wanted to see a port on Switch and I was once tempted to buy a PC to play it, but at the end of the day I decided that the best option (and cheaper) was to play it on PS4.

Korvo_Attano said:
Welcome to the family! You have made some good purchases, can't wait for you to play GOW. If you have money to spend for games, I would suggest you take a look at the greatest hits that are available as there are a bunch of games (some older, some newer) that are worth your time and are relatively cheap.

Thank you. There are several games on my list (The Uncharted saga, some Resident Evil, maybe Horizon Zero Dawn, among others)

deskpro2k3 said:
It's about damn time gif

Welcome to the dark side of the force.

Thank you. This really feels like you just said: D

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